Technology Plan

                                                             Sullivan School District Technology Initiative Summary

  • The goal of the Sullivan School District is to enhance the usage of technology district-wide.  By Summer 2016, grades 6-12 will be implementing a 1:1 Chromebook deployment for all students, allowing them to use a Chromebook throughout the school day as well as at home.  Grades PreK-4 will receive iPads for classroom usage and Grade 5 will receive 12-14 Chromebooks for classroom usage.

  • All teachers will receive 3 days of technology training that encompasses the use of Google Apps, Moodle, and educational applications for classroom instruction. The district will be moving to a Google Apps for Education environment.

  • The school district will be upgrading their wireless infrastructure,  increasing Internet bandwidth, and improving Internet content filtering.

  • Moodle, a Learning Management System (LMS), will be used district-wide to provide an online learning environment for students and staff.  Traditional textbooks will be replaced with electronic textbooks over time.  Current educational technology applications will be evaluated and upgraded, as needed, to web-based applications.

  • The district’s technology curriculum will be adjusted to accommodate higher level technology courses at upper-grade levels and expose lower grade levels to an increased amount of technology. The district will broaden the acceptable use policies and digital citizenship awareness provided to students and staff to ensure safe and appropriate technology usage.

  • This upgrade will allow the district to better accommodate the onset of online state-required testing.

  • Starting January 2014 technology training and equipment installations will begin in order to create pilot classrooms to prepare for Summer 2016 1:1 implementation.

  • This technology upgrade plan will benefit students by better preparing them for the world beyond the classroom.