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FrequentlyAsked Questions (FAQs):


Can you provide contact information for community resources so I can access services for my child?Click on - Franklin   - Crawford  - Washington 




Can you provide contact information for SMS resources so I can access services for my child?Click Here




What type of support services are available at SMS?




Support Services

*       Mentoring

*       Student Assistance Teams (SAT)

*       Reading Recovery

*       After School Tutoring

*     Summer School

*       Career Planner

*       Counseling Provided by Community Organization

*       Study Skills Class

*       Guest Speakers

*       Advance Placement Courses




What specific services are available through my child's counselor?:



Counselors Services

*       Classroom Guidance

*       Individual Counseling

*       Test Result Interpretation

*       Transition Services

*       Conflict Resolution

*       Referrals to Outside Agencies

*       Drug Prevention Program

*       Advance Program Testing

*       Career Counseling


*       Course Planning & Scheduling

*       Parent/Student/Teacher Liaison

*       Anger Management Counseling

*       Academic Counseling

*       Testing Information

Group Counseling

Character Education

Referrals to Outside Agencies






What is the best way to talk with my child’s counselor?
A parent should set up an appointment to see their child’s counselor by phone, e-mail, fax, or letter.




What is the best way for my child to talk with his/her counselor?
The best way is for students to make an appointment with the counselor through the Main Office or at the Counselor's Office. If it is an emergency, they should contact a teacher or general office staff member immediately and let them know of their need to see their counselor.




What else can I learn about the services and programs offered by SMS?
This link accesses the SMS Home Page, which has information on a variety of SMS programs and departments.














This page is here to give you links to some phone numbers and informational websites.  There are a variety of places you and your family can go to to get help if you need it.  I hope these links will help you get a good start.  Please remember, if you need to, see Mrs. Blue for any of your questions.  You can also email each of us at and Emergency and hotline numbers are listed at the bottom of this page.



ViolencePrevention Information

www.safeyouth.orgNational Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center.  Great Site for all issues dealing with teens and violence., Abuse, and Incest National Network

National Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-HOPE Organization to Counter Sexual Assault's Support and Community Services

Crisis line for St. Louis, MO 816/531-2003

YWCA Women's Resource Center/ St.Louis Regional Sexual Assault Center, Clayton, MO, Hotline314/531-7232


Career Corner This website is a great tool for students to search for careers that do not require a four year degree, etc.  Online Guidance program for SMS students (must be accessed with a password.)  There are also many links to other career and job areas that can be accessed without the password.  Occupational Outlook Handbook.  Links to a wealth of information about almost any career.

Informational links to careers in science and technology:



Study Skills Tips

All of these sites give information and tips related to studying and time management in high school and college.  Awebsite that helps students with their toughest math questions.  Kindergarten through Calculus.



SubstanceAbuse Facts and Prevention  National Institute on Drug Abuse website.   Partnership for a Drug Free America website.  MO Dept. of Mental Health, Div. of Alcohol and Drug Abuse website.  The is the home page of the American Council for Drug Education. Free screening questionnaires to help determine if you have a problem with alcohol or other drugs.  ScreenMO is confidential.  Cool website to help educate about many drugs and their effects, etc. student organization with information about destructive decisions with alcohol and drugs. National Family Partnership for a drug free America.  Medical information on drugs, alcohol, etc. as well as support groups.  Parent's link to drug information.  Information about drugs and their effects and prevention and treatment.  U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website.  Information and quizzes on various types of drug, and where to go for help.  If someone's drinking is affecting your life:  Support resources for children and family members of alcoholics. Toll free #1-888-425-2666 (for Alateen)



Depression and Suicide Facts and Prevention  Behavioral Health Response  Suicide Awareness Voices of Education  Information and resources about depression.  Questions and answers about teenaged depression.  A depression and suicide awareness page.  National Strategy for Suicide Prevention  Facts and resources about suicide.




Family Support Great site to help parents gain more knowledge about important adolescent health issues.  This publication is sponsored by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. (The link is to an archive of all of their most recent issues, with a list of topics to choose from.) Crider Center for Mental Health Community Behavioral Healthcare

alive- Alternatives to Living in Violent Environments1-800-941-9144

alive'sChildren's Counseling Program - For children who are affected by domestic violence ages 4-17 years.  Call Jeanne Oberdan MS LMFT (314) 993-2777 or Roselyne Hazard MSW PLCSW (636) 583-5700.  All fees are on a donation only basis.

Parental Stress Hotline 1-800-367-2543

Behavioral Health Response Crisis Line  1-800-811-4760

Child Abuse Hotline  1-800-392-3738

Legal Advocates for Abused Women  1-800-527-1460

Children's Advocacy Center of East Central MO  (573) 468-2271

KUTO - Kids Under Twenty One  BusinessPhone # (314) 963-7574,

Crisis Phone for KUTO # (314) 644-5886 Sun.-Thurs. 4pm-10pm and Fr.-Sat. 4pm-12am

CommunityMediation Center  200Cherry Street Union, MO 63084 636-583-8443.  Call the number.  They will contact all parties and arrange for a mediation session.  Professionally trained mediators will help parties talk and make decisions that are fair for everyone.

PADV Healing Services  636-583-8443 or 1-800-371-0114.  Free services available such as:  Healing groups for men and women, crisis intervention, shelters, court advocacy, professional counseling, sexual assault help.